Royale 8 Theme transforms your system Windows 8 in Windows XP

One of the most durable operating systems Windows, Windowx XP continues to have quite a few fans even today, despite Microsoft's efforts to persuade them to upgrade to one of the new systems, Windows 7 or Windows 8. The most relevant reason why XP users should take into account Read More

Download Aero Theme for Windows 8

One of the major changes Windows 8 is its modern interface, from which Microsoft decided to remove the Aero Glass feature. Although there are many users who consider the change of look welcome WindowsThere are enough people who feel the lack of Aero effects. For the latter the solution is available in the form of a theme (visual… Read More

How to install third-party (custom) themes in Windows 8

Like Windows 7, Windows 8 does not allow the installation of custom (third-party) themes by default, but they can be installed if certain system files are previously patched. Because modifying system files can be quite risky, manually patching them is not recommended, especially for users… Read More

Download the official Microsoft themes for Windows 8

With the official launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has also launched a new set of themes for the new operating system, which are now available for download on the official website Windows Personalization Gallery. Microsoft official themes for Windows 8 contains, just like the ones for Windows 7, backgrounds for desktop, custom colors for items… Read More

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack for XP, Vista and 7

Even before Microsoft announced the design of the new operating system Windows 8, all kinds of customization applications have appeared on the Internet, with the help of which users can modify various aspects of the system (Start Menu, Taskbar, Windows Explorer Toolbar, Desktop, Windows Logon Screen etc.) so that they (at least try) look like… Read More

Transform Windows 7 in Windows 8 - Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack

Has not yet been released any official version Windows 8, but following the official presentation, many variants and "transformation packs" of appeared on the Internet Windows 8. One of the most successful "versions" of Windows 8 so far seems to be Windows 8 UX Pack 2.0, which allows the transformation of the system Read More