i-Knock - Instant Messaging Notifier

O creature The ... IM alert (Instant Messaging Notifier), Able to announce a very original (with hammer strikes to the head) when you are contacted by a friend Yahoo! , Skype or MSN.

Although now allow incoming audio customization and compatibility for three IM systems, Knock him I think it can be greatly expanded. The idea of ​​the STYSEN, To create an "alert" type, is very nice, but if something is missing ... maybe design: -?.

Think how much money could make Yahoo the division if they sell out to the ball with smileys, simple. But if you'd connected in USB to Yahoo! alerts? , ;) I think it would be a good idea and could use, especially in Romania. Personally, I would buy something like this (But I! :)) At a reasonable price.


Yep. I did the job Knock him and I got to Y! M :) For more details about the player above, click here.

i-Knock IM Notifier:

Works with Skype, MSN, Yahoo & Other Instant Messengers

Message, Mail & Customer Log-on Notification

Easy to Use USB Plug NPlay

Sound MP3 Customizable Alerts

Special Alerts for Over 20 Emoticons


i-Knock - Instant Messaging Notifier

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