Microsoft Office 2010 working without a mouse. Office Keyboard Tips & Shortcuts

If you prefer to keep your hands more on keyboard and help less mouseOr if the mouse office and have failed than work Office, You should know that using the keyboard have access to almost all options and commands Microsoft Office 2010.

Compared with suites Office previously released by Microsoft, Office 2010 is the main editing commands grouped tabS or "ribbon"(In Romanian would call" ribbons ". Avoid :))

Insertion, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, View si Acrobat.


Each ribbon al can be opened using keyboard. Pressing OTHER in Microsoft Word 2010 we will notice that there will be a ribbon next to each ribbon letter or number.

alt-key-Microsoft Office

If we need to navigate to the tab "Insertion"It is enough that after ALT or ALT simultaneously, press the corresponding letter key ribbon"Insertion. "I mean the"N".

Once in the ribbon "Insertion"we will notice that under each option under"Insertion"We have other characters (letters) shortcut.

insert ribbon Office Word

For example, if we want to insert a picture a document Office Word 2010, using only the keyboard, Just press OTHER > N > P.
Notice in the image above that some options are right by two letters. Under "Shapes"For example we have the letters"SH. "This means that under the option" Shapes "we and other options or elements. If you press the keys OTHER > N > S > H will open items in "Shapes".

shapes office elements

These can be selected using the keys "arrows"(arrow keys) & Enter. For "New Drawing Canvas"Keep pressing the key"N".

We can say that ALT (ALT key) In Microsoft Office 2010 is "pioneering" the most Microsoft Office 2010 Options. If you press the OTHER and then 1 key We can even Save the document in which we. This shortcut is simular to
We took the example above ALT Key in Microsoft Office Word 2010But of course these shortcuts with ALT are valid for Office OneNote 2010, Excel 2010, Office PowerPoint 2010, Office Outlook 2010, 2010 Office Publisher, Office Access 2010 ... Etc..

Keyboard Shortcuts in Micosoft Office 2010.

Besides combinations of keys OTHER the examples above, when it comes to publishing / text manipulation, We have at hand a series of keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl+X Delete the selected text and copy it to the clipboard.
Ctrl+V Yes paste the text from the clipboard.
Ctrl+C Copy selected text.
Ctrl+ F1 Show / Hide bar Office Ribbons (I talked about above)
Ctrl+B Add / delete bold the text. (Bold text)
Ctrl+I Italic text.
Ctrl+U Highlights text. Underline.
Ctrl+L Align paragraph left
Ctrl+R Aligns the paragraph to the right
Ctrl+E Align the center section
Ctrl+0 (zero) Add / remove space before the paragraph.
Ctrl+2 Add double line space between rows.
Ctrl+1 Add one line of space between rows
Ctrl+Shift+N Apply normal style.
Shift+ F3 Change the selected text. Small type Caps Lock or Normal Style.
Ctrl+Z Undo the last action.
Ctrl+Y Restore the last action.
Shift+ F10 Open the shortcut menu. Similarly right-click.
F7 It checks spelling.
Ctrl+S Save the document.
F12 Save As ... (choose the format you want to save the document)
Ctrl+P Open panel Print. For printer.
F1 Open HELP.
Ctrl+N Open a new document.

These are just a few keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office. If we know and others can leave comments and we'll update the list above.

2010 work in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access ...) without a mouse.

Microsoft Office 2010 working without a mouse. Office Keyboard Tips & Shortcuts

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