Microsoft Download Manager (Download & Review)

At the end of last month has launched Microsoft Download Manager. A 100% free application that allows you to download files in a more reliable and more fun than the Internet Browser. Microsoft Download Manager has a user friendly interface and allows a very good management download sessions and Files downloaded.

Here's how the Microsoft Download Manager first test:

1. I downloaded file MSDownloadManager.msi (Ie the Microsoft Download Manager)

2. I installed, I looked through the options, I changed anything and I did the first test download link the "Example"

Microsoft Download Manager Sample

I did not expect the link to be valid, although Microsoft might have to put a valid test file. Still trying to see how they react when a download manager Broken. The result was as follows:

Microsoft Download Manager (Not Responding) plus "There was a problem with the Microsoft Download Manager

Error Microsoft Download Manager

Error code: 80072f94 (Your search - 80072f94 - Did not match any documents - by Google)

It would be weird to be a error message for invalid download links.

3. I restarted the Microsoft Download Manager and I gave a valid link.

The result:

MDM error sth

4. Uninstall Microsoft Download Manager.

uninstall Microsoft Download Manager

I think I beat the record for the most uninstalled Microsoft product.

Download in English - Microsoft Download Manager.

Microsoft Download Manager (Download & Review)

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