Windows Installer CleanUp Utility for MS Office 2000, Office XP and 2003.

Not always uninstalled programs of > “Uninstall to schedule”Is completely uninstalled. Even if we don't see them in list of installed programsThey retain some folders and libraries in the system or registry. Sometimes when we want to install similar software (such as si ) Installation errors. In most messages error The software tells us that we want to install is already installed on your system or a newer version is already installed. This is the case of packages Office.
It happens very cases that after uninstall Microsoft Office 2000 or can not install Microsoft Office 2003 or Office 2007. To solve this problem, Microsoft provides a free utility (application) that helps us clean any traces of installation of packages Office which I gave up.

Download Windows Installand CleanUp Utility (By Microsoft)

Besides the suite Office, Windows Installand CleanUp Utility we can escape and other installation software that used (Msiexec.exe).

For users si   installing Windows Installand CleanUp Utility can only be the user's Administrator or right-click on msicuu2.exe and "Run ace Administrator“. If you run the installation file normally, an error will occur (X)Windows Script Host".

Windows Script Host Error

How we open Windows Installer CleanUp Utility after installation.

I have not seen this tool make a shortcut on Desktop or Start Menu. To open the application we must go to Start Menu, to taste "Windows Install Clean Up ”and click on the program or press Enter.

Windows Install Clean up

More details about this tool can be found on at 290301.

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