Microsoft increases support period for Windows until 7 2020

microsoft gave them the good news today users Windows 7 not plan to upgrade to the new Windows 8 After its release, namely extend the support for Windows 7 OS until January 2020. A few hours earlier, people at Microsoft had announced that users Windows Vista will take support period for security issues extended until April 2017Although support for mainstream (Updates to features of the system) will be off October 2012.

Just as with Windows Vista, Windows 7 will have mainstream support period shorter than security, namely by January 2015And support Windows 7 SP1 will be stopped at 2 years after launching the next Service Pack.

Windows lifecycle

To better understand the difference between Mainstream support si Extended support Windows operating systems, visit the official site Microsoft Lifecycle.


Note: Support for any Windows system will be extended now to 10 years after its launch. Also, all operating system versions will have support 10 years (5 years 5 years Mainstream and Extended).

STEALTH SETTINGS - Support for Microsoft Windows 7 extends till 2020

Microsoft increases support period for Windows until 7 2020

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