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A few days ago, Google has posted new PR (Page Rank) at the end of a new cycle of indexing, checking websites and etc procedures.

What is PR (Google Page Rank)? - It is the grade (from 1 to 10) given by Google to a web page, depending on its relevance from the perspective of search engines. More details on .

How to get PR (Google Page Rank)? - Until this morning, I thought I knew a little bit about it. I'm not sure now. In my mind, PR was obtained depending on how many links had to your site (Back links) and of course the sites that your links were to have a bigger PR. Content's uniqueness is also very important. A discussion about this, I found the forum at , . Better. From all comments on Blogoree , One caught my attention.


To have a good PR you need links to high PR blog and good. No matter necessarily just the number .. relationship between the RA and those with lower PR, be in favor of those with high PR.

Or am I missing something on that or what I thought about Page Rank so far it's exactly the opposite. Ok ...! I think he's right and I have a pretty good proof (in my opinion), let's say the above statement.

After a month or so (on 20 March 2007), I bought the . Irrelevant to what I bought. Since the first day the was redirected to the blog - I redirected index. Html 400. Shtml (Bad request), 401. Shtml (Authorization required), 403. Shtml (Forbidden), 404. Shtml (Wrong page) and 500. Shtml (Internal server error) To Using source:

Laurentiu Piron / Blog
browser_type = navigator.appName var
browser_version var = parseInt (navigator.appVersion)

/ / If NS 6
if (browser_type == ”Netscape” && browser_version> = 5)
window.location.replace ( "”)
/ / If IE 4 +
else if (browser_type == ”Microsoft Internet Explorer"&& browser_version> = 4)
window.location.replace ( "”)
/ / If NS4 +
else if (browser_type == ”Netscape” && browser_version> = 4)
window.location.replace ( "”)
//Default goto page (NOT NS 4+ and NOT IE 4+)
window.location = '”

Okay. It seems that way A site nonexistent in Google , Reached PR3 , equal to the address to which it was redirected . Tested in Google Toolbar . I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of back links to the domain. The few sites that had a link to did not have either macwould PR1 until a few days ago. What he says Google Search about it? Says as follows:

Site: URL (Indexed pages in your site)

Site: - Your search - Site: - did not match any documents. (Ie pages indexed in the search engine = 0. Lousy deal for PR3 . My opinion. .)

Site: - Results 1 - 10 of about 1,360 from (Enough for PR3 )

The really do not understand here begins:

link: URL (Pages that link to your site's front page)

link: - Results 1 - 10 of about 141 Linking to

link: - Results 1 - 10 of about 141 Linking to

There is no connection between the two addresses other than what I presented above. A simple redirect. I don't think until I write this post on there is a link to neither macwould not be hosted on the same server. It's a little weird for me to calculate Google Page Rank (PR).

If that's the way things are… I ask myself: What PR will get the blog if I redirect it to one month (PR10)?

O (0) pages Google

redirect: Google Page Rank

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