Chrome Flags - How to enable hidden features of Google Chrome [Dark Mode]

Before launching some features, Google adds so-called "flags" in Chrome. These are features that some of them will be present on future final versions. Chrome Flags are relatively hidden options, but with a simple line typed in the address bar, these new options already added in Chrome 78 can already be tested… Read More

Google will block web pages with mixed content (Mixed Content)

The significant increase in the number of Internet users in recent years has automatically led to a greater interest from malicious people in exploiting this virtual environment. There are hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks every day globally, and attackers do not take into account whether the targets are public institutions, military, companies or… Read More

How can you quickly calculate what day of the week and month (calendar date) has been or will be over a number of days

Most users, when they hear the word "Google" think primarily of the search engine (Google Search), the Gmail service and Android. As for Google Search (, the search bar is not just for to obtain the information present on the websites indexed in Google. In the "search bar" we can get quick information without… Read More

Google has withdrawn the PageRank (PR) Toolbar

For the past 15 years, PageRank has been for many web page owners or administrators a benchmark for ranking web pages and estimating their importance. The algorithm by which they were ranked and ranked on a site was based primarily on "backlinks". - a link / quote from a better ranked site - and… Read More

The new programming language, Swift will be the basis Android

Google considers that in the future, the new programming language, Swift, will be the basis of Android. What does this mean, exactly? Broadly speaking, Android will be completely changed. Currently, Android is an operating system based on the Java programming language. A programming language that is not at all "user" Read More

Google Chrome offers 42 a Push notifications system, permanently active

The latest version of the Google Chrome browser will implement an interesting option that will give a helping hand to software developers who want to turn their sites into complex Web applications: a Push notification system, permanently active. But this feature is not the only interesting news in Chrome 42 Beta, the browser will Read More

iOS 8.3, a last-minute update for devices Apple

Behold, finally, Apple gives you the ability to test iOS updates before they're available to all iOS users iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, even if you are not a developer or your device is not registered in a developer's account. program AppleOS X Preliminary Test Seed is now also available for… Read More

Google+ abandon the use of real names on the social network

Launched 4 years ago, the social network Google+ tried to impose certain standards on users using various restrictions, including the mandatory use of the real name to create an account on the network. According to Google, these restrictions (especially those related to usernames) helped create a network… Read More

It was unveiled the latest version of Google Chrome 21 most popular Internet broser

After reaching the top of the most popular internet browsers, Google launches new versions of the Chrome browser, which tries to slowly but surely bring new reasons to choose this software for browsing web pages. Chrome 21 comes with some new features compared to the previous version, among which we mention: optimization for… Read More