Google Chrome offers 42 a Push notifications system, permanently active

The latest version of Google Chrome browser implement an interesting option that will give them a helping hand software developers who want to transform the sites Web applications complex: a system Push notificationsActive at all times. This feature is not the only interesting novelty in Chrome 42 BetaBrowser will benefit and optimal way for adding shortcuts on desktop Android and better compatibility with some new Web technologies.

The surprising news is, undoubtedly, the possibility of receiving messages Push in Google Chrome even when they send page is closed. This system uses old Notification APIWhich is used for almost two years for the display of notices graphically rich, and the new Push APIWhich enables a permanent connection between server and client.

The system allows developers to embed in website pages, a special piece of software code that is called Service WorkerIt will be run locally even when the home page is closed. Mediation by service Google Cloud MessagingThis connection allows the transmission of similar Push notifications on mobile platforms, and these Service Workers may be used for other activities, such as the synchronization in the background or Geofencing.

The two new targets only version Android Browser Chrome 42. The option of saving a Web shortcut in Home Screen will be complemented by a message that will put users in theme this possibility, but it will be displayed only for sites that meet the quality standards of Google. Web developers need to pack their site as a Web application that meets Web App Manifesto, Use HTTPS and minimum operating facilities play offline. Together these two updates, Google Chrome Beta 42 provides a new Fetch APIWhich replaces the old method XMLHttpRequest asynchronous updating of a page without refreshing drive, and performs compatibility WebAudio API and classes JavaScript ES6.

Google Chrome offers 42 a Push notifications system, permanently active

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