Change or disable key functions [Windows XP map - remap keyboard buttons]

Sometimes we want to change or to disable a key role. For example key Delete execute function SpaceAnd key Windows to become Enter. We can totally disable Caps Lock keys, Tab or QWERTY ... But to do this you must enter the heart operating system. In (Windows registry). A similar operation was published in early November. Then just show .
This shift operation function keysNot involve installing or running any software. You just have to do it remap (Changing positions on key) keyboard but to begin to do this you need to master good registry. A transaction Whatever your level of knowledge is good to make a backup before you started to change in registry Editor. Find which will explain exactly how to do this backup registry.

How to change / disable the functions of the keys (buttons on the keyboard) in Windows XP

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To open this document Microsoft Word 2003You need to install the compatibility pack Office Word 2007 that will allow opening documents. docx. Find here a tutorial that will help you learn how to open and edit a file.DOCX in Microsoft Office 2003: .

Mmap - remap keyboard buttons.

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Change or disable key functions [Windows XP map - remap keyboard buttons]

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