How to hide items from the Control Panel in Windows

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Control Panel is the most important utility in operating systems Windows, through it the users having the possibility to configure the system settings according to their preferences. An easy way to list all the items that can be configured in Windows using the Control Panel is to set their display as icons (Small… Read More

How can we change the location default installation of modern applications in Windows 8

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Windows Store is one of the most important features of the new operating system Windows 8, through which users can install modern applications on computers, tablets or smartphones with Windows 8 of the equipment. But very few users know where modern applications are installed or stored in the system. And most likely there are enough… Read More

Fix Menu Bar Hide Error in Windows Explorer (Windows 7 & Vista)

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After installing some software, I noticed that some of them modified some of the UI elements of Windows Explorer, including Menu Bar. Specifically, even if the Menu Bar was set not to appear, it was present and could not be disabled / hidden. Normally to make it disappear… Read More

Change or disable key functions [Windows XP map - remap keyboard buttons]

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Sometimes we would like to change or deactivate the role of a key. For example, the Delete key to execute the Space function, and the key Windows to become Enter. We can completely disable the Caps Lock, Tab or keys qwerty … But to do this we need to get to the heart of the operating system. In the registers (Windows Registry). O… Read More

Tweaks to enrich Context Menu (right click menu)

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Today is the day of registry tweaks. :) If earlier we told you about 5 tweaks for XP, in this post you will learn how to add certain shortcut options (Empty Recycle Bin, Run, Search) to the right-click menu (Context Menu) using the registry editor, valid for XP, Vista and 7. Before making these changes… Read More

Add Send to entry to right-click Context Menu

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If you managed (somehow, no matter how) to send the "Send to" command from the right-click menu for a walk, and now you want it back, but it refuses to return "home", we tell you how you can convince it. All you need is a small tweak of the registers, very simple to do. So to (re-) add… Read More

Windows 7 Tweak: Add “Delete Folder Contents” to Right-click Context Menu

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How many times has it happened that a simple operation such as "Delete" becomes a little more complicated when you consider deleting the contents of certain folders: enter the folder-> select the files and then Delete; or delete the entire folder, then create another folder with the same name. Or you can do a little tweak… Read More