Fix Menu Bar Hide Error in Windows Explorer (Windows 7 & Vista)

After I installed some software, I noticed that some of them I have changed some UI elements of , Including Menu Bar. More specifically, even if Menu Bar was set to not appear, it was there and could not be disabled / hidden.

menu bar - Windows Explorer

Normally, to make it disappear Menu Bar in Windows Explorer, you must go to "Organize">"layout"> And uncheck"Menu bar".

menu bar

When the above method does not work, and we want at all costs to disappear Menu Bar, must follow very carefully steps requiring changes de registry () And changes in ().


1. In prmul all, go to the Menu Bar in a neutral area, right-click and we make sure that "Lock the toolbars" not checked.

unlock menu bar

2. Go to "Organize">"layout"> And uncheck"Menu bar"(2 screenshot above).

3. Win + R (To deschdem Run box) and type "gpedit.msc"To open .


4. In Group Policy go to the menu on the left to User Configuration > administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Explorer. Then click on Windows Explorer in the list that opens on the right look and we double-click "Display the menu bar in Windows".

display menu bar

5. The setup menu "Display the menu bar in Windows"Tick"Disabled"And press OK to save the change.

disable menu bar

6. Close and open . Win + R > "".

7. In the registry editor go to:

HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerToolbar

Here delete entry "ITBar7Layout"Folders ShellBrowser si WebBrowser.


8. Restart the computer.

After reboot you will notice that the Menu Bar disappeared from Windows Explorer.

hide menu

If you want to reappear Menu Bar in Windows Explorer, simply use the "Organize".

- Show / Hide Menu Bar in Windows Explorer - Windows Vista & Windows 7 Tips & Hacks.

Fix Menu Bar Hide Error in Windows Explorer (Windows 7 & Vista)

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