Simple Mail (POP3 Client) & Notifier (Firefox type)

For those who use multiple e-mail accounts, Checking them could "papa" sometimes more time than they can afford (in time) or it can happen frequently that some accounts are "jumping" involuntary (and if just then received important emails addresses the forgotten, the situation could become quite messy). The simplest solution is forwarding all emails received by one inbox, Thereby ensuring that any e-mail (whether important or spam) Will not remain unnoticed.

Simple Mail is a client POP3 (Also IMAP si SMTP), Extension (add-on) for FirefoxThat will allow reading e-mails directly from FirefoxWithout having to access it each address / account in part. And unlike more famous Outlook si Thunderbird, Simple Mail is - obviously - simple, and so easy to use (regardless of the user experience). In addition, each time you receive an e-mail, you will be notified via Notifier's included in the "package".

How to Use & Simple Mail Notifier

After installation, you will notice in the upper right corner of the window Firefox icon for email (The notifier) ​​which will display the number of new messages received by mail (for starters is not just about customer greeting Simple Mail).


To add an e-mail Simple Mail, Right click the icon and select Preferences menu and to open email clientIt is enough to simply click on the eye.


Make sure you add a new e-mail to set POP3 and not IMAP if you want to be imported into Simple Mail all messages that you have in the account inbox (if you are "lucky" to be a little mind "elder" and his inbox totaling at least several hundred message, it is likely that Firefox has become almost unusable for a relatively long period).

New account account

You can create new posts you send them one with the sender addresses added to the Simple Mail (optional) or You can reply (reply) e-mails in your Inbox. You can also send a message to multiple recipients at the same time (multiple recipient).

Download Simple Mail Client (Mozilla add-on).

Simple Mail (POP3 Client) & Notifier (Firefox type)

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