Snowl - The new Firefox Add-On


Perhaps your browser help you follow and participate in online discussions? Snowl It is an experiment that wants to answer this question by attempting to collect on flows separate content that users are subscribers: news and posts on blogs by RSSAnd social and personal communications networks (messaging) From services like Twitter.

Of course, all based on RSS feeds. The key to put together their treatment of these flows is differentiated, depending on where they come from, and adding capabilities that allow drive on a particular item.


Currently, Snowl offers two ways to gather feeds from blogs and message in a browser: RSS / Atom feeds si Twitter. The first is traditional 'List' three phase (waterfall type), targetespecially for the immediate reading of important messages, the second way being based on the concept covered by David Winer, for occasional surfing.

For now missing opportunities to share information and read. Nanoblog options and limited social feed. But Mozilla plans to offer experimental support Facebook and other social sources.

Snowl - The new Firefox Add-On

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