Classic Start Menu for Windows 8 Spencer

From what it seems, microsoft It follows as the next Update for Windows 8 to reintroduce The Start Menu, Feature the previous Windows systems renunciations in favor Start Screen's.

If you prefer to use a Start Menu instead Start Screen's from Windows 8 and not wait until Microsoft will launch the update which will contain this feature, then you may use application Spencer.

Spencer is a free tool for Windows 8 bringing back Classic Start menu al Windows XP. Unlike other third-party applications the display Start MenuLinks in Windows 8, Spencer is different because does not require installation (is portable) And not make changes Registry System.

How to use Spencer Classic Start Menu for Windows 8?

Very simple. You only have to extract file .exe from archive you can download it using link at the end of the article, then right click on it (Spencer.exe) And select Pin to Taskbar menu displayed.

Spencer pin-to-taskbar

In this way, you will accession all entries from a Classic Start menuThey are displayed with a simple click on the application fixed in taskbar (Spencer displays including programs installed in system).


Download Spencer Classic Start Menu for Windows 8.

Note: If you want some applications may not be displayed in Spencer menu, navigate to C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs and delete shortcuts from there respective applications.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Classic Start Menu for Windows 8 with Spencer

Classic Start Menu for Windows 8 Spencer

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