Windows 9: new details and screenshots of the future operating system Windows

As the release date of the Technical Preview version a Windows 9 is approaching (September 30, 2014), more and more details about the new features and the changes that will come with it appear online. From the images provided the German site, which came into possession of a leak of Windows 9 Technical Preview, Read More

Windows 9 will have different interfaces for computers and mobile devices

Although only one month remained until the launch of the first Preview version Windows 9 (Windows 9 Technology Preview will be released in late September), very little information about what the next operating system will contain Windows have been officially confirmed. So far we know only that Windows 9 we will have again… Read More

Windows 9 Technology Preview will be released at the end of September

If you are eager to find out more information about the following operating system Windows, it seems you don't have much to look forward to: sources close to Microsoft have confirmed that the first preview version of Windows 9 will be released at the end of September (or, in the worst case, at the beginning of October of this Read More

Microsoft gives up the Charms menu in Windows 9 and introduces a new feature: desktopvirtual

Although launching a Preview version for the next operating system Windows (currently known as Threshold) will most likely take place sometime later this year, with quite a bit of information currently known about it. Among the most important (already confirmed) are the reintroduction of the Start menu (initially it was thought that the Start Menu will return… Read More