Windows Type 7: Add Recycle Bin to Taskbar [Pin to Taskbar]

If you are among those who have allergy and monitors that are loaded overzealous (: P) in an attempt to keep it untainted by any trace of icon, shortcut etc., but also want the access to applications / folders important to be as fast, the optimum solution: the ability to "stick" almost any shortcut to Taskbar. Adding to Taskbar shortcuts to the most "used" applications, you have everything you need at a click away and, in addition, you can keep Desktopthe spotless :). Or, almost spotless. Because some programs or folders are not persuaded to leave Desktopin favor Taskbarthrough a simple drag & drop, A situation seen with Recycle Bin.

because deleting the Recycle Bin from Desktop not recommended () Solution at hand would be either put it somewhere in the corner of the screen and try to ignore it or to add it to the menu Windows Explorer (pin to Windows Explorer).


Or possibly you can follow the steps below to add a shortcut to the Recycle Bin at Taskbar:

1. Right click on Desktop, From the menu select New then shortcut.


2. to location type enter explorer.exe shell: RecycleBinFolder then let Next and name the shortcut whatever you wish (preferably Recycle Bin : P)

shortcut_location shortcut_name

3. Right click on the shortcut created and click PropertiesThen click on the Change Icon.


4. In Look for icons in this file enter %SystemRoot% system32imageres.dll then select the icon for the Recycle Bin Apply si OK.


And voila! You have a shortcut to the fully functional Recycle Bin, which you can shoot into Taskbar (drag & drop) or you can right click on it and select Pin to Taskbar.

drag_drop right-click taskbar_recycle

Careful! Even if you added a Recycle Bin shortcut la Taskbar, do not delete the Recycle Bin from Desktop! To hide its icon uncheck Show Desktop Icons from context Menu (Right-click on Desktop->View).

Windows Type 7: Add Recycle Bin to Taskbar [Pin to Taskbar]

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