Kaspersky 2009 vs. Windows 7 RC [Anti-Virus Fix]

Although I was convinced that I had installed a good antivirus (Kaspersky AV 2009) for Windows 7 RC of Windows system alerts, shows something else: Kaspersky Anti - Virus 2009 runs, but compatibility issues with Windows 7 7100 RC are obvious ... I do not think I managed to catch a virus before, even if the messages [...]


Windows 7 - Solutions Anti-Virus & Internet Security

Located in beta and free download (gratuit. test), Windows 7 seems to have attracted the attention of companies producing anti-virus software, who want to prepare in time for the final release. In principle 7 Windows should work all the programs that are compatible on Windows Vista, however, three companies producing [...]

Google Updater trojan?

Lately I started using a few applications off-line/desktop from Google Inc.. and every time you install an application, antiviral reacts to an executable package. GoogleUpdate.exe (Google Updater) reported by Kaspersky and other anti-virus (Avast and AVG tested) as a possible trojan (Trojan.Generic). Kind of weird ... and Google, [...], @ trojan malware?

We found a few minutes ago a backlink from blog (not access address): The blog is corrupted, or at least I think - Daily | IP [...] I gave it to StealthSettings post, I started thinking about how dangerous are these viruses, and how well [...] I hope [...]


To keep a long operating life, we need protection. Solution against most online attacks is anti-virus. A list of the most commonly used anti-virus programs (freeware & shareware): AVG Anti-Virus (Freeware & Shareware) The free version (AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition) offers two protection services to [...]

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile Enterprise Edition

Product currently in beta and for one type of OS (operating systems), Kaspersky ® Anti-Virus Mobile Enterprise Edition is packed with major security functions / anti-virus protection for mobile devices. - Scanning and real-time interception system files. (Scanning incoming traffic, scan wireless data packets transferred by: infra-red, [...]

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