Show database queries total, memory usage & execution time (WordPress)


is a platform that needs no comment. As it is WordPressThe flexible, as it may require much more resources CPU / RAM If excess is plugins or functions.

For blogs and sites created on WordPress have to bear a traffic of users, it is very important that pages, functions si plugins be optimized. Before we get to see how much optimization should memory need to access each page of the site / blog, that is the number of queries to the database (database queries) And the time they are executed (execution time).

Show database queries total, memory usage & execution time (WordPress)

Show database queries total, memory usage & execution time.

To obtain a status You must insert the three lines below footerThe ground (in source - footer.).

Loaded in <?php timer_stop (1)?> seconds.

Queries Executed <?php get_num_queries echo ()?>.

Peak memory usage <?php echo round ((memory_get_peak_usage () / 1024));?> KB.

As will be fewer queries to the database (mysql), The less it will consume less memory and load time will be lower. This means lower costs to pay services and better optimization (SEO) Search engine. Especially for Google!, Which focuses heavily during the loading of pages.


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