Chrome and Safari AutoFill of Credit Card can provide information hackers

A rather worrying information has appeared recently on Twitter, according to which the Chrome and Safari autofill can provide hackers with very sensitive information such as their name, email address, postal address, phone number and credit data / debit card of users who use this option.

What is autofiil?- Choices the browser stores your personal data and credit cardTo be automatically filled in specific fields when we need to make a payment or a bank transfer.

One option that spares us to introduce each personal information on sites, but as shown in an article in the Guardian, is a very dangerous option.
Renowned hacker Viljami KuosmanenShows that through certain exploits placed on dubious websites, credit card data can be entered automatically in invisible fields. So without realizing it, someone malicious user sends confidential information.
In a Google release, a company representative announced that Google is currently working on resolving this problem in the Chrome Web browser.

A simple solution would be not to use this option and disable AutoFill in Safari and Google Chrome.

Disable AutoFill in Safari for Credit Card - MacOS

Safari > Preferences...> The tab AutoFill Uncheck "Credit Card"

Disable AutoFill in Google Chrome

In Google Crome is enough to access:chrome: // settings /then go to "Settings" and under "Passwords and forms" to uncheck "Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click"

Browser Mozilla Firefox It does not store sensitive data by default.

Chrome and Safari AutoFill of Credit Card can provide information hackers

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