Circle to Search. A new AI-powered search feature on Android.

Google takes a significant step in revolutionizing mobile search on Android devices. The company has recently announced an innovative feature called "Circle to Search," which is sure to enhance the discovery experience for Android device owners in a very enjoyable manner.

This groundbreaking technology leverages artificial intelligence to make the search process more intuitive and accessible on Android phones.

Circle to Search is a feature that enables you to instantly search for information about any object or element you see on your Android phone screen. Without the need to switch between different apps, you can activate Circle to Search with a simple gesture, such as circling an item, highlighting, or writing above the element you want more information about.

When you come across something interesting or want more details about a particular object or topic, you can long-press the "Home" button or the Android phone's navigation bar to activate Circle to Search. Then, using simple gestures like circling or highlighting, you can select the desired object, and Google Search will take care of the rest. This innovative feature also supports other gestures such as writing and taps to make finding desired answers even more straightforward.

How does this new search feature benefit you?

Circle to Search is a useful feature in various situations. For example, when watching an "Outfit of the Day" video and wanting to identify the clothing brands worn by the creator, or when seeing a picture on social media of a delicious food item and wanting to learn more about it. By simply circling the object of interest with your finger, you can access detailed information about it without leaving the app or website where it is located.

Circle to Search
Circle to Search

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This new feature will be launched on January 31 on some of the most advanced Android smartphones, including Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and the new Samsung Galaxy S24. The feature will be available in all languages and locations where these devices are sold.

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