3 Free Videoconferencing Solutions - Online school courses and meetings

The times we are going through are not the happiest and it urges us to social distance. Limiting meetings with friends, working from home as much as possible for company employees, schools support online classes while children stay at home, and parents and grandparents are advised to see them only through video calls. "Stay away" Read More

Cortana Virtual Assistant will be retired from iOS and Android

Remember that some time ago, when Microsoft released Cortana in an update of Windows 10, we all wonder how we can disable Cortana? I wrote about how we can hide Cortana from TaskBar in early 2015 and many users did so. Sign that at that time, the virtual assistant did not… Read More

Western Union customer, Banca Transilvania plague and other banks

Over the years, Banca Transilvania has known how, somehow, to stay quite high in terms of marketing. A communication tool, used by merchants since ancient times, to create illusions for potential customers. We couldn't help but remember the famous "Fairy" commercial after almost 10 years Read More

Apple removed iOS Apps, Games and Ringtones from iTunes 12.7 - App Store has been withdrawn

Shortly after the launch of the new devices: Apple Watch Series 3, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, the new AirPods with wireless charging and AirPower, Apple turned his attention to the iTunes app for macOS. The recent update of iTunes to version 12.7 has brought some substantial changes, which aim at the first… Read More

How can we track online from your laptop, tablet, iPad or phone, HBO movies and series

HBO GO I think is one of the best services through which you can watch online quality movies of all genres, successful series, documentaries, concerts and many other interesting videos. Almost all movies and series available on TV channels: HBO HD, HBO 2 and HBO 3 can also be found on HBO GO. You probably noticed Read More

Flashlight button in Control Center on iOS - Flashlight Inactive Button in Control Center - Flashlight does not work

iOS is a very stable and very fast operating system, compared to other operating systems present on smartphones. However, it is not without bugs and moments when it leaves us in the lurch. It happens quite rarely, but it does happen. The most recent issue with iOS 9 (9.3.4) installed on iPhone ... Read More

Evernote accounts will limit free access to two devices and you expensive rates for subscriptions

It may be used less in Romania, but in many countries, Evernote is an indispensable service on devices Desktop and mobile phones. Lately, there is a growing tendency for large companies to limit the services offered for free and to urge users to paid packages. Google has withdrawn many free services and sharing… Read More

How to sync Gmail Notes on the Notes app in iOS (iPhone, iPad) yes Mac OS X

Apple Notes - Application Notes is a native application, found on all devices Apple with OS X and iOS operating systems. It can be considered a simplified version of OneNote and Evernote applications. With Notes we can save text notes, photo captures, we can create shopping lists, "to do" lists and other types of notes. All notes can… Read More

How to add icons to a website for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Favicon.ico - Website Icon in Browser Before a website is launched, a graphic file, favicon, is added to it to appear in the browser, to the address bar. In most situations, the favicon is a thumbnail of the graphic logo or the initials of the respective website. This favicon is added to help users identify a web address faster… Read More