Clipchamp Premium included in subscriptions Microsoft 365

We know that Microsoft Office it will become history, and it will be in its place Microsoft 365, a service based exclusively on subscriptions. In the Microsoft 365 all office applications are included (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, etc), OneDrive, and more recently, Microsoft 365 includes and Clipchamp premium.

Over the years, operating systems Windows they were not very tender with the included video editing applications. Starting with Windows XP, Microsoft introduced in 2001 the first version of Windows Movie Maker, which was present until Windows 7.

Windows Movie Maker was officially retired in early 2017, and instead of the app, the video editing features were included in Microsoft Photos for Windows 10 si Windows 11.

Starting with Windows 11 22:2 am, Microsoft introduced Clipchamp as an application default of video editing, of which premium features are now included in the Microsoft 356 subscription. Maybe it's a little strange that it's bundled with Excel, Word and other office applications for users to receive premium access to Clipchamp, but most likely Microsoft wants to offer as many productivity applications as possible Microsoft 365. Moreover, Microsoft has relatively recently included Microsoft Editor alongside the official applications from Microsoft 365.

application Clipchamp was bought by Microsoft Corporation in September 2021, becoming part of the company's portfolio through the subsidiary Clipchamp Pty Ltd.
The application offers video editing support in a very simple and fast way. You can create and edit video content for presentations, advertising production or for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms that host video content.

Clipchamp Premium Video Editor
Clipchamp Premium Video Editor

The differences between Clipchamp Free and Clipchamp Premium (Essentials) – Windows 11 video Editor

Both the free version and Clipchamp premium offers support for video editing and export at resolutions up to 1080p HD. The difference between the "free" package and the "essentials" (premium) package is the filters, effects and access to photo, video and audio resources in the application. Users who do not use a separate subscription to Clipchamp or do not have Microsoft 365 I can use some of the premium features, but a watermark will be applied to the final result.

Therefore, for primary editing of video content, the premium version is not needed. But if you have Microsoft 365, you have all Clipchamp Premium features available for video editing.

Clipchamp Video Editor in Windows 10

As I said above, Clipchamp comes as an application default of video editing in Windows 11 22H2, but if you are a user of Windows 10 you have nothing to worry about. You can install and run the application in both the free and premium versions, together with the package Microsoft 365 installed on Windows 10.

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