How can block Flash content running in Firefox automatically

Many web pages contain Flash Video starting to run automatic as soon as these pages are accessed. Most times it is advertising that can confuse users, or irritated because of audio content. If you are using Firefox and you find often in situations like the one described above, we have good news for you: with Add-on FlashStopper for Firefox you can lock automatically run all clips Flash contained in web pages visited. Also, add-on can block including automatic running YouTube videos and content HTML5 video.

Cum functioneaza FlashStopper pentru Firefox?

After installing the Add-on, whenever you open a web page cu Flash content, Running automatic content that will be blocked, instead of being shown a clip thumbnail image extracted from it and a button Play that you can click if you want to see that video.


Also, if you want to automatically run a content block Flash or HTML5 for any website accessed, you can customize the operation of Add-on FlashStopper (For example, you can either allow automatic submission clips for one sessionOr until you decide to lock them again automatically run). In addition, add-on offers a functionality Proactive blockingWhich alters source code the site so that method playback available for them to become compatible with FlashStopperTo allow automatic blocking Flash content on those sites.


Download Flash Stopper (Firefox add-on).

Note: Keep in mind though that add-on depends on the implementation of the acquis autoplay websites, which can make FlashStopper not work on all pages with Flash content.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to block autoplaying of Flash content in Firefox

How can block Flash content running in Firefox automatically

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