How can disable auto-completion software applications that block Shutdown in Windows 8

Windows 8 comes bundled with a feature auto-quit applications identifying when closing open applications or system restartarii and their close forced. Although this feature can be helpful for those who want a quick shutdownOften happen to forget to Save changes made applications open before you close the system, in which case self-quit featureul is not our ally.

Users who want to still have a chance when you take your fingers forward and give shutdown without chance to save what worked before, may change Windows shutdown policy 8 disabling feature the auto-quit applications.

Disable auto-quit feature in Windows applications 8

  • open Group Policy Editor (In Start Screen enter gpedit.msc, select Apps in Side barThen click on gpedit in the main window, or open Run using the key combination Windows + R, type gpedit.msc and give OK)
  • navigate to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> System> Shutdown Options


  • in the right pane, double-click the entry Turn off automatic termination of applications That block would cancel shutdown
  • in the open window, select EnabledThen click on OK and close Group Policy Editor


If you ever want to reactivate feature the self-termination applicationsFollow the steps described above and select not Configured or Disabled.

Note: To make changes to Group Policy Editor must use a user that has administrative rights system

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How can disable auto-completion software applications that block Shutdown in Windows 8

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