How can we prevent the display of modern applications in Windows Taskbar 8.1

Some of the most important Feature Links from 8.1 Windows Update They are related to Taskbar: Ability to fix (pine) applications Installed Windows Store in taskbar, display the taskbar in modern applications, display of modern applications running in Taskbar (Icons + preview) and the ability to minimize modern applications in the Taskbar. These sites feature allow users to more quickly access favorite and also modern applications and switch between running modern applications can be made much easier through taskbar.

Even if these feature-ins are designed to improve user experience of desktops in Windows 8.1, Some of them still prefer to use Switcher site (Displayed when you take the mouse cursor in the upper left corner of the screen) to switch between modern applications and do not want their display in the Taskbar.

previews modern-apps-in-taskbar

How do I prevent running modern applications in Taskbar after installing Windows 8.1 Update?

Fortunately, microsoft intuited that some Windows users 8.1 most likely will not want to displays the modern applications open Taskbar and equipped with a system setting which enables them to disable this feature.

To disable display applications Installed Windows Store in taskbar, Give Right-click the Taskbar and select PropertiesThen untick Show Windows Store apps in the Taskbar and click on OK.

taskbar properties

If you disable this feature, default It will be deactivated and the ability to minimize run modern applications in the TaskbarBut perhaps you will enjoy to know that you can fix In continuation Preferred modern applications the Taskbar.

If none of The Windows Update feature 8.1 not an improvement to you (and you would prefer to cancel it), can uninstall the update (and save disk space) Following the instructions here.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to Prevent modern apps from being displayed in the Taskbar in Windows 8.1

How can we prevent the display of modern applications in Windows Taskbar 8.1

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