How can we prevent deleting browsing history in Internet Explorer

When the Navg Internet, browser Used preserves traces of our online activity recorded browsing history the browser. Browsing history of a browser includes besides The actual history of visited pages si data such as cookies, cache, passwords used to access online accounts Temporary Internet filesList of downloads made through browser or user input in certain online forms.

Browser users Internet Explorer sharing the same computer with other people and are concerned that browsing history registered browser could jeopardize privacyCan choose to use option Delete browsing history from IE settings (Available Internet Options> General under browsing History) To erase all data after browsing online.

history-delete-browsing dialog

But if you want to supervised surfing online the other users can wiping prevent browsing history (Or certain data recorded in this) through Group Policy Editor.

How to prevent deletion istioriei browsing in Internet Explorer browser?

  • open Group Policy Editor (type: gpedit.msc in Run and give Enter)
  • then surf (on the left) by Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Internet Explorer> Delete Browsing History
  • on the right, identify entry Prevent access to Delete Browsing History and double-click on it

history-delete-browsing settings

  • Then in the settings dialog box, select Enabled and click on Apply si OK

Prevent-deleting browsing history,

After you make this setting, users Internet Explorer will no longer be able to access dialog Delete Browsing History to delete browsing history online. If you want to prevent deletion only certain data recorded in the history of navigation IE browser (Such as cookies, saved passwords, list of websites visited etc.), you can do this by using the settings available under the directory celorlalate Internet Explorer> Delete Browsing History in Group Policy Editor (e.g Prevent deleting cookies, Prevent deleting download history, That Prevent deleting the user has visited websites, Prevent deleting browsing history on exit, Prevent deleting passwords etc.).

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to Prevent deleting browsing history of Internet Explorer

How can we prevent deleting browsing history in Internet Explorer

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