How can we change the permissions of a file system protected? [Windows Vista]

How can we change a file in the system folder of Windows Vista? Normally, Windows Vista's default set some extra security measures, compared with the old operating system by Microsoft.

A few days ago I tried to modify a file system folder: C: WindowsSystem32driversetc. I opened the file in an editor, I edit, but I could not save him. Access to C: WindowsSystem32driversetchosts was denied.

edit denied

The reason is understandable message appeared. Folders and files in "Windows"Are protection systemAnd my Windows user is Administrator full. (See ). To gain access to protected file system change, should I set my some rights - permissions on my username.

How can we change the permissions of a file system that is protected?

Right-click on the file which we want to change the permissions, and the box that opens click on "Properties". To file took me as guinea pigs, C: WindowsSystem32driversetc "hosts"After we click on" Properties "will open the details pane / security / properties of the file.
Go to the tab "Security"And select the user we want to change the file permissions.

edit security permisions

Click "Edit"Next"To change permissions, click Edit".. Press "continue"If we were greeted by UAC. :) After this step we have to be careful that remained selected user system we want to change the file permissions.

In the picture below you outlined in red column must have ticked all the boxes to allow you to modify the file.

Windows Security

After you check all the column "Allow"Click"Apply"And"And it is"(Windows Security).

Now you have access to edit the protected file system. After you make changes and save them, it is advisable to set permissions to the default. Changes to system files can create holes in security system or cause it to malfunction.

The tutorial is useful for those who wish to use a :)

How can we change the permissions of a file system protected? [Windows Vista]

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