Disabling Download and Automatic Installation a Windows Updates in Windows XP.

If we go on default settings or Recommended settings de la Windows XP, then we will definitely have Windows Update on "ON. "That means every time you are done UpdateSites, the operating system will start download for freeThen the installing updates without asking us anything. How many Security updates sale (Windows Security Center) Is finalizeza with application restart computer, So we can break out of it. Besides this problem, another cause us to disable downloadCPC and automatic installation of updatesSites is our choice to decide for themselves want to install updates. Ie users do not want to automatic update to Windows XP SP3 or at Windows Genuine Advantage Notification or Validation Tool (KB that checks the validity of the copy / license on Windows XP).

Off Windows Automatic Updates in Windows XP (Disable Download & Install Windows updates).

1. First you have to go to > .


2. In Control Panel, we click "Security Center".


3. Somewhere at the bottom in Security Center we click on "Automatic Updates".


4. In "Automatic Updates"We have several options for Windows Updates.

- "Automatic Updates"(Microsoft recommended option, but this option will automatically download and install available updates)

- "Download updates for me, BUT they choose me When the install Them"(Option chosen by me because I just installed operating system and I'm sure I'll need most updates. This option downloads available updates, but allows us to legem ourselves that we want to install)

- "Notify me But don `t automatically download or install Them"(Our recommended option. Updates are announced as available for our operating system and can decide for themselves who downloaded and installed DIW). During this type will occupy any space on the hard disk which updates will be installed and will not have updates installed automatically.

- "Turn off Automatic Updates"(Stop almost complete Windows Update Center. We do not recommend it to anyone, especially as the operating system Windows XP comes in the original kit with many security bugs which were later fixed by Microsoft and which come as updates Windows XP.)

If you choose the second option, every time an update is available, in the upper right corner you will receive a notice that we are informed that there are updates available for our operating system.


We click on the notification (yellow shield) And in the "Automatic Updates", select "Custom Install (Advanced) "and click"Next. "This step is necessary to avoid installing all UpdateDownload sites.


In "Choose to install updates"Select only the updates that interest us to die installed.


click 'install"Penru start installing updatefixes may.

To complete many updates, especially after installation Windows XP, you need to restart your computer and wait until Windowsit will configure the updates. Some of the installed updates are configured automatically when the operating system shuts down and starts. Do not turn off the computer until the update installation process is complete.

Disabling Download and Automatic Installation a Windows Updates in Windows XP.

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