How to customize the Start in menu Windows 11 - Recently opened files, applications and folders

Windows 11 Start Personalization

The first feature that stands out at Windows 11 is the new graphical interface. The "Start" button located on the center of the taskbar (TaskBar) and the new widget field in which it seems that Microsoft really wants to promote the flow of news and news from MSN. I still haven't figured out how to remove streams of… Read More

How can we add the option of Hibernate in Windows 10 Start Menu

Computers and laptops can be put in three states when we are no longer working on them. "Shut Down”- full shutdown,“ Sleep ”- a superficial shutdown and“ Hibernate ”- a state in which active system files and drivers are put into an image on the hard disk before the PC or laptop shuts down. This thing … Read More

How to disable the creatives for applications in the Start Menu on Windows 10

Besides the many new features brought by the 1511 update of Windows 10, Microsoft has also introduced "recommended applications" in the Start Menu. An attempt by Microsoft to encourage users to Windows 10 to install applications from your own store, from the Store. We do not see the benefits of this feature for users. We could even say that it is… Read More

Start Menu receives the transparency effect from the side Windows 10

Being numbered build 10031, the latest version Windows 10 "Unofficially" leaked to the Internet did not bring to light Project Spartan, the web browser designed from scratch to replace the Internet Explorer. Instead, we have some less important changes, but worth mentioning. Abandoned in favor Windows 8 and replaced with a Home Screen displayed throughout… Read More

Transform Windows 7 in Android (Android Themes / Skins Transformation Pack)

Windows 7 is an operating system with a fairly attractive and well-developed graphical interface, but after a while a change of "landscape" may be welcome, especially if we find a theme (Windows 7 Themes) or a graphical interface to satisfy us. For those who are attracted to the system interface… Read More

TaskBar and Start Menu Transparent / Windows XP & Windows NOTHING (Download)

I do not know if users Windows 7 would like to make a TaskBar and a more transparent Start Menu than the Aero graphic theme allows (Windows 7 Aero Themes), but there are certainly many who use them Windows XP and want to bring something of the style Windows 7 and Windows Vista on this system. application TaskBar ... Read More

How to create shortcuts on Desktop for Advanced Power Settings, Add/ Remove Programs, Registry Editor, Windows Security Center, etc…

Windows 7 has a very simple design, and most of the tools and options from Windows 7 can be accessed from the Control Panel or directly from the Start Menu> “Search programs and files ”(if we know the name of the application or option). Another option to access the settings Windows 7 and for advanced options, it is GodMode. A shortcut that Read More

Right click disable (context menu) in Windows XP, Windows Sight yes Windows 7

Disable right-click option (or context menu) in Windows XP, Windows Sight yes Windows 7. If you are an Administrator user on an operating system to which several people have access and for various reasons you want to restrict their right-click access to Desktop, Windows Explorer or be disabled when right-clicking on… Read More

Windows Libraries in Windows 7 (Music, Pictures, Documents, Video…) - Disable, Hide, Restore & How To

Windows Libraries is a welcome feature in Windows 7. If this term is unfamiliar to you, we will give you a brief description of Windows Bookstores. Libraries (as they sound in Romanian) on Windows 7 are a kind of virtual folders in which you can view and access documents, images, audio and video files from several locations… Read More

Personalization Start Menu in Windows 7

In the configuration default, Microsoft has left a very generous Start Menu to users. Shortcuts with large icons for the last 10 programs used, and on the right side of the Start Menu are some shortcuts little used by most users. Games, Devices and Printers, Default Programs and Help and Support. For a user with a display /… Read More