Start Menu receives the effect of transparency from Windows 10

Be numbered build 10031The latest version Windows 10 "Unofficially sneaked" on the Internet did not come to light Project SpartanWeb browser designed from scratch to replace Internet Explorer. Instead, we have some less important changes, but worth mentioning. Abandoned in favor Windows 8 and replaced with a Home screen displayed over the entire display, Start Menu return to Windows 10, adapted with the interface Modern UI and more attractive than ever. Entering the chapter on changes in finesse, Start Menu it is now rendered with a transparency effect, subtly applied only for the background, not the application icons.


Similarly, tiles sites displayed on devices with system Windows Phone Number now shows the effect of transparency. In terms of platform PCIt should be noted that so far the effects of transparency are limited to Start Menu, not in the windows of its applications taskbarCPC. Interface Windows 10 seems still far from its final form, sections of great importance as new application Settings (Substitute for control Panel).


One possible explanation for this could be that other changes are reserved for future build sites, Microsoft needing more time to resolve certain problems. Meanwhile, here's how it looks unofficial version Project Spartan, Exposed in a video presentation unofficial.

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