Download Firefox Beta 4.0 1 - Soon the final version?

I hope the final version will not be a version that even convince me that you have to change my default browser. In recent days I try to get reobisnuiesc with , To which I gave Browser ago 3-4 years for the si .

I shot a little with the `Ochiu fTPFrom site Mozilla Firefox and I see that on 30-June-2010 worked in a folder named 4.0b1-Candidates.

firefox 4

As far as I can see is working hard on new job Mozilla Firefox 4But in my opinion I think that at this stage of development beta 1 duplicating more than working on developing the new browser. After I installed Firefox Beta 4 not know what browser I opened. Opera or Firefox.

Firefox and Opera

It seems that Firefox has worked hard to GUI (graphical part) that really looks good. It is identical to Opera. Mozilla promises though the final version looks different. Probably .

I have nothing more to say about this new version, but I have a feeling that besides the Firefox will lose many fans will pick and process the Opera (if you show so the final version).

pilot firefox

The attention of those who want to test Firefox Beta 4.

1. Before installing this new version will advise its own experts to activate the default theme in Firefox 3.6.x and will disable all add-ons. Use a theme "Office Black" and after I installed Firefox Beta 4 found myself no longer any option :).

2. Install the add-on "Add-on Compatibility Reporter " (download).

3. Not tortured to view content WebGL. Even if it is implemented in this new version comes disabled by default.

4. If you use Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox browser 3.6.6, it is time to switch to Firefox 4.

5, Download Firefox Beta 4 1. Success! :)

Download Firefox Beta 4.0 1 - Soon the final version?

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