How to clear cache, browsing history (History) and cookies on Chrome

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These days, vaccination campaigns are in full swing in almost every country in the world, and vaccination schedules can be done online. What should be the most convenient and best method of programming are government platforms that leave much to be desired. A negative example is Romania, where the platform also developed adminstratum of Read More

Automatic Profile Switching to Microsoft Edge / Sync Bookmarks, Passwords, Credit Card Date & Edge Collections

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Microsoft Edge has gained more and more ground recently on operating systems Windows 10. Helped perhaps by the pandemic that keeps more and more people more dependent than ever on computers, but also on features and performance, Microsoft has managed to "steal" land from Google Chrome. One of the most interesting… Read More

Safari with anti-tracking and new functions for videos on macOS High Sierra

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Apple reconfirms this year that you care a lot about the privacy policy of users who use the company's devices and services. After announcing that the "cleaning" in the App Store has started, being targeted primarily the applications and games that do not respect the privacy of the private data of those who download and use them,… Read More

Microsoft Edge Extensions / Download (coming soon)

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The new Microsoft internet browser Edge It was the most pleasant surprise of the last operating system released by Microsoft for PC Windows 10Microsoft Edge is a browser capable of providing a new user experience when it comes to Web browsing Windows 10. With a very good loading speed compared to the Internet Explorer, ... Read More

Download Opera 12.02 - Security and Performance

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Two days ago Opera Software ASA launched a new version of the Opera Internet Browser. Compared to the Opera 12.01 version in which a number of bugs were fixed, including the issue of Speed ​​Dial thumbnails, the Opera 12.02 version only brings improvements in terms of security and stability. Opera 12.02 is Read More

Mozilla Firefox 8.0: Download / Update

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Mozilla recently released version 8.0 of Firefox. As the graphical interface (UI) the new version does not come with anything new, instead a series of novelties are brought that significantly increase the working speed (especially of opening the browser when there are many tabs open) and decrease the consumption of resources (RAM) when viewing / opening… Read More

Internet Explorer 9 Preview 4 scored 95/100 on the Acid3 test

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A score of 95/100 is an amazing performance for the new Internet Explorer 9 (Preview 4). If we test the Internet Explorer 8, it will not take more than 55/100 on the Acid3 test, which measures the performance and compatibility of Internet Browsers according to Web 2.0 requirements. As far as is known, IE 8 is at the top of the list… Read More

Download Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 - Soon the final version?

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I hope that the final version is not a version that really convinces me that I have to change my browser default. In the last few days I keep trying to get used to Opera, a browser that I gave up 3-4 years ago in favor of Flock and Firefox. I took a look at the FTP from… Read More

Internet Browsers / means of transport :-)

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Such as using a browser as a means of transport :-) Caldwell Tanner's idea from College Humor: Firefox Safari Opera Internet Explorer Chrome I would have added a drawing to the above collection, dedicated to the Internet Explorer 6. A lame snail with a broken shell. Source:

Microsoft sent flowers to the funeral IE6 (post brackets)

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Although Microsoft promised a few years ago to protect and take care of all the holes, breaches, vulnerabilities and other similar "injuries" (frequent, by the way) * of the web-browser until-recently-most- popular - Internet Explorer 6 (IE8 has been dealing with youngsters for a few months) * until April 2014 (if you count on the fingers of one hand o Read More