Download Mozilla Firefox Beta 6

After which has surprised users launching browser Firefox final 5 distance of only 3 months after launch awaited Firefox 4 (Preceded by no less than 12 beta), It seems that Mozilla a taste of 'speed' and manages to amaze us once again announcing the availability of the download for free the first Firefox beta 6.


new version Firefox 6 beta comes packed with a new interface, support for EventSource si windows.matchMedia and a new Web menu Developer and integration support for version draft a WebSockets (with API prefix).


Other new features 6 Firefox Beta

  • name visited the site domain is underlined (Highlight) in the address bar
  • the browser startup time is reduced if utillizeaza Panorama Groups
  • Improved usability Web Console
  • Added Scratchpad (Script Java Interactive)
  • Firefox Sync is easier to identify

Download Firefox Beta 6 1

Note: This is a beta version and may contain bugs.

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Download Mozilla Firefox Beta 6

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