Mozilla giving up modern version of Firefox for Windows 8

After almost 2 years before microsoft to launch Windows 8Those from Mozilla already announced they were starting work in a Firefox version Metro interface, designed specifically to assort cu modern interface new Windows (And, obviously, to be used by users RT WindowsWhich does not allow installation desktop applicationsAs an alternative to the modern version Internet Explorer browser).

Meanwhile Microsoft launched Windows update 8.1and Firefox for Windows 8 (or Firefox for Metro) Failed to reach than one version (somewhat unstable) in beta, And that just last month.


But today Mozilla announced that (at least currently) is continuation of the project will give up Firefox for Windows 8And the main reason given for this decision is that there were very few testers for beta a metro browser (Greater than the number of beta testers build sites for desktop) And the company believes that lack of feedback could lead to the creation of browser versions with many gaps and errors that could lead to lack of quality and poor user experience. With all this, however, the code for beta Browser Firefox Metro still remains valid and does not exclude a possible resumption of the project future.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Development of Mozilla drops Firefox for Windows 8 Metro

Mozilla giving up modern version of Firefox for Windows 8

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