Remove Startup Programs in Windows Vista. Vista Tweak

About a month ago, we saw how we can increase system performance by . Another means of increasing performance a system running Windows VistaIt is reducing startup time of the system. Some applications are installed, they have processes that are set to run at startup (startup), Even if the application that is used or not. This results in slow loading time and performance Zoom out system. Any process that runs using RAM.

So to speed up the startup of the operating system and increase system performance, we need to prevent these unwanted processes running. Here's how we can eliminate unwanted process from Startup:

1. Click the button Start and type msconfig in the search bar, then press Enter.

msconfig vista

2. If UAC will appear, click "Continue" and in panel System ConfigurationGo to tab Startup.

3. Uncheck the box next process (column "Startup Item") that are not used regularly and which are not vital to the operating system at startup. (Click on image below.)

pid startup

Some popular processes that can be removed from that list: GoogleToolbarNotifier, QuickTime, iTunes, Adobe Photo Downloader, BitTorrent DNA, Nero Home, Mobile Me, Google Update, GTalk, MSN, Yahoo, Nero BackItUp, Winamp Agent PC Suite (for various mobile phones) and the list goes on. These are just some examples of processes cleared my list Startup Item.

4. After you uncheck these processes, press "Apply"And"OK".

configuration system restart 

Changes made in System Configuration will be available after the first restart your computer. Processes that were unchecked in Startup will no longer run automatically at system startup. Of course, you can launch applications from the list of programs unchecked via Start -> All Programs.

* For operating systems Windows XP, This tweak is very similar startup. You can open the "System Configuration" from Start -> Run -> type "msconfig", press Enter and follow the steps outlined above for Windows Vista.

Remove Startup Programs in Windows Vista. Vista Tweak

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