It happens minibus

Inevitably if you have to go by minibus through Buzau must have part of something special. Whether you crashed your nose hair due to one / one who forgot or did not know to use soap and deodoratului or to shoot a car wreck at the first raise a dust pit stop seeing inside the chair man or to give a driver convicted and serving sentence manelist with him (for him at least are orgasmic manele) until station where you have to go down.

Today when I came from parents, I found a pretty good car. The air was breathable and a driver Europa FM listening in the background. Inevitably I got a short dialogue between ladies (probably neighbors) who were about 35-40 years each.

- I said you looked Last night one white car with two men in it?
- I know ... it was Daniel. He called me. But you do not know found me ?
- ... Well ... I do not know. I know ...?

My luck was that after a state had to get off. I could not refrain from laughing.

It happens minibus

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