Tutorial: How to store Jupiter by email.

Competition big email service providers seem to be close. One increase storage space of your e-mail seeing eye (Gmail) ...


Another has ... mined hddSites and blew limit space ...

yahoo storage

And ... Microsoft want to emulate the performance of the NASA. If not too soon to get any man MarsPlanet Jupiter will definitely get the Earth. (Even in an e-mail).

Not often use the Service by e-mail from Microsoft. No offers several options I need and have has some stuff that I do not agree. Last visit by box Windows live Mail was ... alien sorry for all. After logging in I was greeted by a page "Welcome" that were brought to my attention last modification, and renovation of the interior painting e-mail box.

Changes are not large - more like a painting than renovating rooms. All messages and contacts are available below. I just made some improvements Hotmail service based on your suggestions to customers as

  • A clean look that can be customized to a greater extent
  • Access to 70% faster emails
  • Easier access to contacts Windows Live Hotmail

Going by the fact that they don't even know how to call this email service (Hotmail = Hotmail, and it has nothing to do with Windows Live Hotmail. The hotmail.com IDs may be the same as the live.com ones, but never the same), I continued reading the "welcome" page and found out that Microsoft has big thoughts for the future. Their next target is the planet Jupiter. Exact. Users of Windows Live Hotmail and those Hotmailcan Jupiter store in the mailbox.

Tutorial: How to store the planet Jupiter in an account Windows Live Hotmail.

1. For the planet Jupiter has a lot of weight, and Microsoft's email box has not been used so far to bring back bigger 1GBWe must be compassionate and to take it easy. Follow 2 junction point.

3. Press "New Message"Or"Compose"Looking button that allows you to attached files and boulders. Upload Moon ca attached file and asked a friend to send an email to 2-3 asteroids. A comet tail would be also welcome.

2. After successfully pass 3 point, you get some messages planets from Microsoft. These messages will ensure that you on track behind them. Have already passed the planet Pluto and were in front of a large black hole (Hairless). To get themselves there would be boring. Confidently follow the right path through the galaxy.

0. Congratulations! You reached 0 point of gravitydDaddy! Now you can upload planet Jupiter in your e-mail address provided by Microsoft.

Simple. No? Say so and those from Microsoft. Click on the image below:

Windows Live Hotmail

Hotmail storage is designed to grow with you, at a reasonable pace. This means that space should be sufficient, unless they suddenly want to store the Hotmail Jupiter. In this case we will send you an e-mail message, in which we will ask politely not to store Hotmail planets (there is no problem if you store it on all planets, moons and asteroids).

Now ... seriously. Windows Live Hotmail has undergone some changes for the better, but I'll let you discover them. I promise not to write "tutorials" at 06: 30 AM. :)

This Earth ... Microsoft's touch. chhh .. CHH .. chhhh .....

Tutorial: How to store Jupiter by email.

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