Suspicious beeps when you press the CAPS LOCK key?

Someone faced a "vital" problem the other day (he had a little more to format the PC. Vviiirruuusi !!). The calculator made "suspicious" beeps when the CAPS LOCK key was pressed. There was nothing wrong with the computer. Neither soft nor hard. The only thing was that he had accidentally activated the "Toggle Keys". A utility of Windows XP / Vista, which warns the user when… Read More

How can we supplement RAM on Windows Vista, using a USB flash memory (Stick)

Probably many of you who use USB flash drives (Memory sticks), after connecting the stick to the PC, will appear in a box (AutoPlay), a list with several options…. (See image below.) The last option in the list is called “Speed ​​up my system using Windows ReadyBoost ”. If you click on this option, it will Read More

Windows Vista Security Software (ANTIVIRUS)

More than a month ago, I was left without a license at Kaspersky and I thought about temporarily installing a free antivirus. I installed a trial version of Avast !, and I was surprised to find that not all antivirus modules run at normal parameters on Windows Vista. (Premium Home). Microsoft recommends the list of 13… Read More

Windows Vista Tropical Skin / Theme

Vista BIS Theme A beautiful tropical theme for Windows Vista. Download Tropical Theme for Windows Vista - click here! ~ 7.69 MB Archive content: - Visual style - Shellstyle - Browse - Ieframe - Sidebar style - Wallpaper If you want to use this visual theme on Windows XP, you will need to install Theme Patcher… Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows Media Center

if you use Windows Media Center, from Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate, these keyboard shortcuts would send the mouse on vacation :) Keyboard Shortcuts / Windows Media Center Video and DVD Ctrl+ E = Go to Videos Ctrl+Shift+ M = Go to the DVD menu Ctrl+Shift+ P = Play video / DVD Ctrl+ P = Pause video / DVD Ctrl+ F =… Read More

Enable / Disable PING (ICMP Echo Request) on Windows View.

Specifically, what is the use of ICMP Echo Request? ICMP, allows a computer that has installed Windows Vista, to answer or not to the ping of another computer. Windows Vista, is blocked by default this Firewall service. To enable ICMP Echo Request, without disabling Firewall, you need to follow a few simple steps. 1. Open command… Read More

Activating BootScreen AURORA on Windows Vista

Since she was Windows Preview phase (Longhorn), Microsoft announced the new boot screen, Aurora. When launching the operating system Windows Vista, Microsoft has decided that this boot screen will remain disabled, but easy to activate for anyone who wants to. How do I activate the Aurora boot screen? Very simple. All we have to do, Read More

Resizing partitions on Windows View.

A number of partition resizing programs, such as Partition Magic, do not run on Windows Vista. The good news is that Windows Vista has a partition management tool that can do this very well. Specifically, to increase or decrease the space of a partition on the HDD without losing data. In order to … Read More