5 hidden features of Windows NEVER Preview

Update site Windows NEVER Preview came bundled with many Feature Links improve user experience with new new operating system of Microsoft. But few people have discovered hidden features of Windows 8.1Their number 5 momentarily, but certainly up to the launch the final version will be discovered and others.

What are the 5 hidden features of Windows NEVER Preview?

1. A new way to end modern applications

In Windows 8, to close a modern application, Had to "catch" the application with the mouse from the top and pull it toward the bottom of the screen (swipe down). In Windows NEVER Preview But this action does is to put the application in a suspended state (It still running in background). To completely close the application, Application users must shoot toward the bottom of the screen and hold Thumbnail there for a few seconds, until it returns (flip), Action that will end application (obviously an easier way to complete an application is Task Manager).

2. Slide to option shut down your PC

Most likely this feature was introduced after users complained that the options Shutdown si Restart are quite difficult to access in Windows 8. In Windows 8.1 Preview, users can close or restartof the system and using Power menu (or Win + X) Displayed when right-click on Start button (In Windows 8 need to right click on thumbnail's Start Screen that occurs when the mouse cursor get very lower-left corner of the screen), but can also use a utility system to display Slide to shut down your PC:

  • go on installation partition a Windows 8.1 Preview, and navigate to Windows\System32
  • identify utility SlideToShutDown.exe and create a shortcut thereof on Desktop (Right-click on it, then select Send to > Desktop (create shortcut) menu displayed)
  • if you want to create option Slide to shut down your PC with some keyboard shortcut, right-click on the shortcut created on Desktop and select PropertiesThen the tab shortcutYou can enter the desired hotkey to launch the utility in the field of law Shortcut key (E.g., Ctrl+ Alt + S)

3. The option to use SkyDrive app to browse the local hard drive

In Windows NEVER Preview, application SkyDrive is much improved compared to the one from Windows 8, this one having a few Feature Links useful addition. These include the possibility of browse the local hard drive through the application.

To access the files stored on Hard Drive via the SkyDrive, Open the application, then click on header SkyDrive and select this PC menu displayed

4. Modern applications are automatically updated

In Windows NEVER Preview not required manual update from Windows Store a modern applications. Automatic Updates them is activated in mode default in PC Settings.

5. The ability to use your device on Lock Screen

If use Windows NEVER Preview on a mobile (Applies to laptop) is not necessary to log In pe personal account to access chamber thereof. You just have to drag your finger / mouse down (swipe down) the Lock Screen to use the camera, even if your device is still locked. To active (or disable) This feature, Go PC Settings > PC & Devices.

STEALTH SETTINGS - 5 hidden features in Windows NEVER Preview

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