How do we had no words underlined in red in Microsoft Office Word (2003 - 2010)

In the default configuration (default) of the packages , installation language and Automatic correction a grammatical errorsThis English language. For this reason, when we edited or copied text in another language than English, in Office Word document most words will be automatically highlighted in red. This line does not appear when you print the document, but it is annoying when you have readable document. Words that are underlined in red, are words misspelled grammatical standpoint, in English language.
This is how Text in Romanian, Posted in and in (Default configuration in English):

Office Word 2003 :

red office word words

Office Word 2010 :

office word 1

How do you not have words underlined in red in Word.

Red underlined words related settings precisely identify si correct typos (spelling) si Grammatical. To disable this function in Microsoft Office Word 2003We have to follow a few simple steps.

1. Open a Word document, and under the menu "tools"We click on"Options".

2003 office word grammar

2. In the box that opens, click on the tab "Spelling & Grammar”And here we uncheck the boxes next to the following options:

- Spelling: Check spelling as you type.
- Spelling: Always suggest corrections (optional)
- Grammar: Check grammar as you type
- Grammar: Check grammar with spelling.

spelling - grammar settings word

3. After clicking on the "OK" button to save the settings, in the open document we will no longer have words underlined in red. Settings will be maintained in other documents.

users Microsoft Office Word 2010 can disable Spelling & Grammar from the menu "File”>“Options".

1. Click "File”From the top left of the document.

File Office 2010

2. Click on "Options”From the menu on the left.

Options Menu

3. Click on "Proofing", And here we uncheck all the boxes below"When correcting spelling and grammar in Word".

Option in Word Grammar 2010

Set all documents except for the settings to keep and edit other documents.

- Spelling & Grammar Options in Microsoft Word Office 2003 & 2010.

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