Indentation and spacing of text in Word

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Indentation of a text or paragraph One of the ways to highlight a text or paragraph is indentation, ie placing it, in whole or in part, further inwards, at a certain distance from the edges. The indentation of the current paragraph (default) or of the selected paragraphs can be done: with the Decrease Indent and Increase Indent… buttons Read More

Fonts and spellings in Word 2003

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A font is a collection of characters that have common features. There are many types of fonts for the usual characters (of the Latin alphabet): straighter, thinner, taller, thicker, etc. or fonts for mathematical symbols, Greek, Cyrillic letters, etc. and these of various kinds. Fonts supported by Windows they are called True Type fonts. ... Read More

Find and Replace in Word 2003

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There are many situations in which the user is interested in finding the occurrence of a certain word or a sequence of characters and possibly replacing them with another word or sequence of characters. The Find command of the Edit menu allows searching for a specific text specified by the user and positioning the edit cursor on that text,… Read More

Hyphenation of text and sectioning of a document in Word 2003

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1. Dividing into syllables: By default, a word that does not fit on the current line will be automatically passed to the next line (this feature is called Word Wrap). To avoid this, you can request the division into syllables at the end of the line with the option of Tools - Language - Hyphenation, in which the dialog box is… Read More

Copy and move blocks of text in Word 2003

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In order to copy and move text from one document to another (possibly in another application) or even within the same document, you can use the Clipboard and Cut, Copy and Paste commands available from the Edit menu, via the buttons on the Standard toolbar or from the context menu of any selected block (opened with the button in… Read More

How to edit a table in Word 2003

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Each of us had macthey would once need to make a schedule, draw up a work schedule or line up some words on lines and columns. In the following we present the initial steps needed to build a table in Word. From the Toolbar select the Insert table tab and select with the mouse the number of… Read More

How to edit a document with images and text in Word 2003

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Many of us had to develop a presentation paper in which images had to be integrated into the text. In the following we present the steps to follow to create a page with beautifully integrated text and images. To do this, we edit the text of the paper and then select from the Insert - Picture -… tab. Read More

How to edit a text in Word (2003 - 2010)

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In this article we try to present the basics to make a text document in Word, a program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite (2003 or 2010) File name and save it in different formats. To create and save a text document in Word 2003, go to File - Save or… Read More

How do we had no words underlined in red in Microsoft Office Word (2003 - 2010)

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In the default configuration (default) of Microsoft Office packages, the language of installation and automatic correction of grammatical errors, is English. Because of this, when we have to edit or copy a text in a language other than English, in the Word Office document most words will be automatically underlined in red. This line does not appear… Read More