Download 2010 Office Language Pack (Office in Romanian language - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, etc. MS Office Apps)

If you have installed the new package (, , , Access, InfoPath, or Publisher) And work more texts in RomanianThen surely it is help of the pack Romanian language for microsoft Office 2010. 2010 language pack.
Installing package Office 2010, language pack default and GUI IM in English language. Language Pack (language pack level) offers options AutoCorrect (for Auto correct mistyped words) spelling & grammar ( de spelling si Grammatical) and custom dictionary for words and phrases. In addition, all supported languages ​​change the language of the graphical user interface (UI - User Interface). Specifically, if you install and set the Romanian language as the default language for Office, then all options, buttons and work orders will be in Romanian. If you do not know English very well and if you have edited texts for school or work in Romanian, then surely Microsoft Office 2010 in the Romanian language is helpful.

Download Microsoft Office Language Pack Romanian 2010

Romanian-bit 32 (X86): ro (x86) .exe ~ 260.6 MB
Romanian-bit 64 (X64): ro (x64) .exe ~ 265.6 MB

How install package Romanian and Romanian language as we set as default (default) for Microsoft Office 2010.

1. Download Romanian language pack for Microsoft Office 2010. 32-bit or 64-bit. Depending on which package you have installed. Most use 32-bit.

2. Run the executable and follow the installation steps. It is very simple and requires no advanced knowledge.

2010 Office Language Pack

3. If you have Windows in English, the upgrade is complete, go to > All Programs > Microsoft Office 2010 > 2010 Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office Language Preferences 2010.

Office Language Preferences

4. In Microsoft Office Language Preferences 2010 Romanian language as the default language set (default) editing, GUI, help si buttons / options.

pref language office

5. After pressing "OK" to save your changes, save and close all open documents in Office (Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher, Visio, PowerPoint, Outlook ... etc Office Apps).

now you Microsoft Office 2010 in Romanian. Both options editing and correcting text (text transformation include diacritics) and work interface (buttons, tabs, options, context menu, settings and help etc).

Office 2010 in Romanian Language

Romanian language for the installation package it is not necessary to have activated Microsoft Office 2010 or bought license. Language pack the product can be installed both at trial and on activated cu serial number. Also, after installing the package, you can opt to use Romanian language either for editing or only GUI. There are certainly enough people who even works with texts in Romanian, were familiar with the options and buttons in English. In this case will set the Romanian language only grammar si spelling.

Download 2010 Office Language Pack (Office in Romanian language - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, etc. MS Office Apps)

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  • It seems to me goes. I have Windows and Office 10 2010 both licensed. But when launch executable installation package after I agree to the terms and conditions and give "continue", displays the message: "this system are not affected by this package products." Any idea why this happens? Thank you

    • I have not verified compatibility with Windows Office package 10 2010. However I feel that now comes as updates via Windows Update. There would need to be executable above.

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