Fix “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon ”- Windows 10 Activated “Windows is activated using your organization's activation service ”

Starting with operating systems Windows 8.1, Microsoft has introduced a new user alert system Windows. Active dialog boxes and "on screen" notifications that warn of some operating system problems or perform necessary actions.
One of these notifications is "Your Windows License Will Expire Soon"

Although we are accustomed to Microsoft putting in Windows notification boxes when errors occur, "Your Windows License Will Expire Soon"Is not a mistake. It is a notification that users are informed about the license as their version of Windows 10 is about to expire and a action for renewal of the license.
Most users who are experiencing this problem are the ones who are experiencing this problem Windows 10 Pro. Version of Windows 10 Pro activated on the organization. "Windows is activated using your organization's activation service". These licenses are typical of companies where a higher volume of licenses can be purchased that can be enabled on multiple PCs simultaneously.
Most companies use it KMS Server for activating and managing licenses for Microsoft products. With this method a single license can be used to activate several software copies, but only for computers that are on the company's network. LAN. The KMS server will periodically check if the PC on which the license was activated is still part of the company's local network or not. If after a period of time your computer no longer receives the verification connection from this KMS server, the license will expire and be deactivated. Reason why the message “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon ”.

The best idea when we get the message "Your Windows License Will Expire Soon "is to go to"Settings”>“ Actiovation ”and check the status of the license on our operating system. If the message “Windows is activated using your organization's activation service"Meant that the KMS verification could not be done, and on a certain date the license would expire.

How can we see the expiry date of the license Windows 10 Pro

1. open Command Prompt and execute the command: slmgr /dlv

2. The dialog that opens will show information about the operating system. Version, license type, expiration date.

In this box you can see it how long is it until the license for Windows 10 Pro expired, as well as information on the extension of the license. "Rearm".

How do we extend the period of validity of the license for Windows 10 Pro

The simplest method is to open Command Prompt with Administrator rights (Elevated) and to execute the command: slmgr.vbs /rearm.

Restart the operating system to apply the modification.

If after restarting the operating system you will receive the message again as your license expires soon, you most likely need to contact your licensor or Microsoft to clarify the issue.

Fix “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon ”- Windows 10 Activated “Windows is activated using your organization's activation service ”

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  • works on windows 10 pro x64, for a few days I get the expiration message and using rearm, the kms has been reactivated and no longer shows 27 days but permanently.

  • Kod mene (win 10 pro) in the Script Host-nema podataka the license, pa tako ni o roku vazenja license, mada dobijam saopstenje da mi licca uskoro isteci, au Aktivaciji pise: “Windows se activira s uslugom aktivacije vaše organizacije ”.
    The new laptop is bio instalisan Linuks, and my colleague instalirao win 10 for.
    Hocu can you produce a license for the NAC like you described? I, I do not want to do it anymore.
    I go on a reply.

  • Windows license tenosan away! Aktiválás gépház ... Amikor belépek az azüzetem.
    Anno amikor megvettem a gépet + ajándékba captam a windows-t. The wall of the wall is stretched.
    Kihez forduljak followed you. It followed tudnátok, nagyon megköszönném. (win.10 go to gépen)

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