Delete / Hide the message “On Windows- Go to Settings to Activate Windows"In Windows 10

Up to the latest versions of Windows. the message announcing that we must activate the copy of Windows 10 it appears nicely in the lower right corner of the screen and through a dialog box. It was relatively easy to ignore and continue working on the PC.

We say it "looks good" because Microsoft changed this notification with newer versions of Windows 10. Now, the message telling us that we need to activate our copy Windows 10, also appears in the lower right corner, but persists over open applications. Which is annoying for the user.

It is easy to understand that “Activate Windows- Go to Settings to Activate Windows"Appears because we do not have a valid license Windows, for the test period has expired or because I have not yet bought the product. So the best solution would be we buy a license Windows 10 to activate the copy installed on our system. If we still want to postpone this moment, we can delete this watermark message "Activate Windows- Go to Settings to Activate Windows”Appeared in the lower right corner of the work screen (Desktop).

Remove Watermark “Activate Windows- Go to Settings to Activate Windows"In Windows 10

1. We open a Notepad in which we copy the following code:

@echo off
taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe

2. Save the new text file with the extension ". Beat". For example: watermark.bat. To do this, select "All Files"The"Save as type".

3. Double click on the newly created file. It will open Command Prompt, in which the message will appear: “SUCCESS: The process “explorer.exe ”with PID (No) has been terminated".

In some situations you may need to run the .bat file with administrator rights. Right click on the file and click “Run as Administrator…”.

After this step, the message Activate Windows- Go to Settings to Activate Windows will disappear and will no longer be present on Desktop and over open applications.

It is quite possible that after the operating system will make new updates, this message will reappear. It is, however, a solution to wipe out Windows watermark, until you activate your license for Windows 10.

    1. Verdad. It’s in the race, Chrichri! I had to restart too. But worth the tutorial! Boring thing… Whatsapp Web enabled, it is very annoying to message, as it clutters your eyes when posting messages…

  1. Oavsett vad jag gör blir jag inte av med skiten
    Varje gång jag startar om datorn försvinner stämpeln i några timmar, olika varje gång sedan måste jag starta om datorn igen för att återigen bli av med stämpeln. Finns det ingen permanent lösning FÖRUTOM att aktivera Windows?

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