How we can boot in Safe Mode in Android

Like any other operating system, Android is not immune to errors or problems with applications, often users notice that it either does not work properly or crashes or crashes. restart(often due to certain applications incompatible with the system version used, or due to… Read More

How we can reset or modify applications default in Android

Like any other operating system, Android has applications default with which the user can open various types of files. Usually, users install (in addition to the built-in applications) several applications that open the same type of files (browsers, launchers, media players, etc.), being forced to choose one of them that will open… Read More

How can hide apps from the App Drawer in Android Jelly Bean

When you install an application on your Android smartphone or tablet, it is displayed by default in the application panel (app drawer). Sometimes, however, we may want to install certain applications without them being displayed in the app drawer, especially in cases where other people have access to their personal phone. Into the … Read More

How can we view the Wireless password saved in Android

If you have forgotten your wireless network password, and you need it to connect a computer or mobile device to the internet, if you have an Android smartphone or tablet already connected to the network, the problem is almost solved. (if you already have a computer… Read More

High speed transfer from Android with Fast File Transfer

If you are used to transferring files from an Android operating system (smartphone or tablet) to other mobile devices quite often via Bluetooth, then you already know how long the transfer process can take, especially when it comes to size files. large, or transfer multiple files at once. ... Read More

How can we combine duplicate contacts in Android

One of the most important features of the Android operating system (or smartphones in general) is the ability to synchronize contacts from various sources such as Facebook, Twitter and Google with those on the phone, thus ensuring users - they will not have to manually re-enter the contacts from the Address Book whenever… Read More

Save backups of applications installed on Android in Dropbox or Google Drive

Currently, Android is the most permissible mobile operating system, and one of its most important features is that users can install custom ROMs on mobile devices (with Android OS, obviously). The only problem is that after each ROM (firmware) change, all applications must be installed again… Read More