What to choose between Office 365 and Office 2019 / Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

There is almost no user Windows which you have not used macwould once be one of Microsoft's Office products. Excel, for spreadsheets or Word, for editing documents, can be found on the computer of any student or employee in a corporation. Part of the Office suite, in addition to Excel and Word, there are a number Read More

The font Cambria / Calibri isn't available on OS X. It was replaced with Times New Roman.

By definition, the font represents the graphic style of digital writing. Letters, numbers, symbols and other characters are all defined by a font. Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, was a fan of calligraphy and managed to bring this passion of his to OS X operating systems. This operating system now has some of the… Read More

Marking, numbering lists and paragraphs in Word 2003 Multinivel

A list is a sequence of indented paragraphs to the left margin of the text in the document and numbered (numbered lists) or marked by a symbol in the indentation area (bulleted lists). These two types of lists are simple lists. An outline numbered list is a list that contains inside… Read More

Fonts and spellings in Word 2003

A font is a collection of characters that have common features. There are many types of fonts for the usual characters (of the Latin alphabet): straighter, thinner, taller, thicker, etc. or fonts for mathematical symbols, Greek, Cyrillic letters, etc. and these of various kinds. Fonts supported by Windows they are called True Type fonts. ... Read More

Find and Replace in Word 2003

There are many situations in which the user is interested in finding the occurrence of a certain word or a sequence of characters and possibly replacing them with another word or sequence of characters. The Find command of the Edit menu allows searching for a specific text specified by the user and positioning the edit cursor on that text,… Read More

How to edit a table in Word 2003

Each of us had macthey would once need to make a schedule, draw up a work schedule or line up some words on lines and columns. In the following we present the initial steps needed to build a table in Word. From the Toolbar select the Insert table tab and select with the mouse the number of… Read More

How to edit a document with images and text in Word 2003

Many of us had to develop a presentation paper in which images had to be integrated into the text. In the following we present the steps to follow to create a page with beautifully integrated text and images. To do this, we edit the text of the paper and then select from the Insert - Picture -… tab. Read More