Marking, numbering lists and paragraphs in Word 2003 Multinivel

A list is a sequence of subparagraphs indented against the left edge of the document text and numbered (numbered lists - numbered) Or labeled by a symbol in the indentation (bulleted lists - bulleted). These two types of lists are simple lists.

O multilevel list (Outline Numbered) Is a list that contains within it one or more other lists.

In general, you can create lists by pushing buttons or by choosing specific options:

  • After entering and selecting the desired paragraphs;

  • first paragraph list. By typing <ENTER> Following symbol of the list is entered automatically; the last such symbol can be canceled by inactivating button associated list.

Creating bulleted lists (bullets):

A bulleted list can be created by activating the corresponding button in the toolbar Format.


Type marking paragraphs used in this case is the default list. If the user wishes to choose or change the symbol to mark paragraphs, the space between text and the symbol or how to align the symbol to text, use the command Bullets and Numbering menu volum. Following the launch in execution of this command, it displays the dialog Bullets and Numbering. As you can notice, page bulleted provides users with seven predefined types of markings (none inactivates mark list). Such a marker can be selected by making a click cu mouseCPC associated with the rectangle. If desired change in marking, using the command button CustomizeWhich opens dialog Customize Bulleted List. This allows, through its fields, choose a different symbol marking (bullet Character), Changing the alignment of the list (bullet Position), Changing the distance between symbol and marking text (text Position), Changing the size mark (Font) And applied to visualization effects (Preview).

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Create numbered lists

A numbered list can be created using the button Numbering toolbar Formatting or your use numbered dialog box Bullets and Numbering. As described above, option can choose a group of selected paragraphs or numbered list is created can be activated for the first paragraph and inactivate the end of the list.

Page numbered dialog box Bullets and Numbering It contains seven predefined types of numbering. As with page bulleted, Click on mouseCPC rectangle properly on such a numbering it is sufficient to create a Numbered list with those features. If want to change the numbering style, the button will act Customize ferestrei- the bottom right, which displays the dialog Customize Numbered List.

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This allows, through its fields, select the type of numbering (Number style), Alignment numbering (Position Number), Changing the distance between symbol and marking text (text Position) And applied to visualization effects (Preview). It should be noted that in the field Number format allowed a text before, respectively after numbering symbol, this text will be automatically added to symbols automatically numbered.


Creating Multilevel lists

O Multilevel list can be up to new levels and can be created through page fields Outline Numbered dialog box Bullets and Numbering.


It provides users predefined seven types of such lists, but features can be modified to dialog Customize Outline Numbered List which opens by pressing Customize. Level is chosen from the list by pressing Level (1, 2, 3 ...) and within each level can determine the contents of fields Number Format, Position Number si PreviewThat have the same utility as with lists numbered.


Different levels of the list are represented by different alignments (from the left margin) for this purpose can be applied indentation buttons in the toolbar Formatting the paragraphs in the list.


The fourth option window Bullets and Numbering it is List Style where you can choose and customize different Types of Lists adjustable single type of work typed or enter new list with button Add.

Marking, numbering lists and paragraphs in Word 2003 Multinivel

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