Microsoft is testing new "Departments" categories in Microsoft Store for Windows 10

In the newest "preview" versions Windows 10 there are novelties that cannot be overlooked. One of these is the development of the download platform for games, applications and utilities, Microsoft Store.
The new version of Microsoft Store improves the store interface and also the user experience on the platform. A much more intuitive classification of the content is made, in the new menu "Departments", Where users can quickly navigate to content in the categories: Software & apps, Enterdamn, Devices si Deals (for the best offers). Below the four main branches, we find categories targeted to specific content. For example, under "Software & Apps" we have quick access to: Office, Windows 10, Edge Extensions, Customize Windows si Software Support.

Why is this new approach necessary with the "Departments" menu in Microsoft Store pe Windows 10?
In contrast to the App Store (Apple), Microsoft Store hosts in addition to applications and games and other types of content, such as: movie, books, TV shows, Microsoft extensions Edge, hardware offers and more.
Most likely, Microsoft brings this new menu "Departments", Following the reactions of users, who have repeatedly complained that it is quite difficult to find a certain content in Microsoft Store. Precisely because of the variety of content offered by the Microsoft store on Windows 10. The new classification should provide faster access to the content you are looking for, but it remains to be seen how the "search". It would be preferable to provide relevant results, and the user to reach the content he wants, and not the one that represents the interests of Microsoft.
It would be preferable to add in a future version of Microsoft Store and a "search by category”For greater accuracy and more relevant results.

Until then, the new menu "Departments"Is an oxygen bubble, but is currently only available to certain users, being still in a testing phase. Microsoft will gradually expand this feature Microsoft Store on all PCs with Windows 10.

Don't forget to hold on Windows 10 updated to receive the latest features and solutions to security issues.

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