How to activate the Hibernate option in the Win + X menu Windows NEVER Preview

menu Win + X (Also called Power Menu) of Windows 8 si Windows 8.1 is to replace The Start Menu from earlier versions of Windows, Users can get through it fast access the most widely used s tool system: Command Prompt, control Panel, Task Manager, Run, Device Manager, Disk management, Search, Programs and Features and so on The difference between Win + X Menu in Windows 8 if Win + X Menu in Windows 8.1 is like in Windows 8.1, Microsoft added a few options in addition to the menu, namely the Shut down, Restart si Sleep, Thus giving users faster access and operations Close or standby system. But there are plenty of users who use the option Hibernate system and who would like to be able to access it as quickly and folosid option menu Win + X / Power.

win x-hibernate-option

How to enable the Hibernate option in Windows NEVER Win + X Menu?

  • open Run (Windows+ R) if you type powercfg.cplThen give Enter (Also, you can access Power Options directly from the menu Win + X)
  • in Power Options click on Choose what the power buttons do in the menu on the left
  • select Change settings that are currently unavailable
  • section Shutdown settings, Check Hibernate (Power Show in menu)Then click on Save changes

And ready. Option Hibernate will be displayed from now on in Win + X menu al Windows 8.1.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to enable Hibernate option in Windows DO NOT Win + X Menu

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